Online Shopping Safety – Channel Payment Scam

otp payment scam

Online Shopping Safety Forewarn –  Channel Payment Scam is another scam we will look into this week

As we enter our 2nd MCO in Malaysia, we safely can say online shopping transactions will surely increase during this period. A survey recently finds among online shoppers, 35% of them only started shopping online after the 1st MCO began. This translates to a 53% growth in the Malaysia online shopper population due to the 1st MCO. All the more, we have to be vigilant and alert in spotting all sorts of online shopping scams.

This week we will look into Channels Payment Scam in our series of Online Shopping Safety Forewarn. Impersonated Channels Payment Scam is very similar to Sponsored Posts Scam which scammers impersonate various online shopping platforms through unofficial channels like SMS. The SMS states you have won prizes/giveaways from a campaign. As you click on the link, scammers will require you to provide your personal/banking/online shopping platform details. Scammers will use your details to make unauthorized transactions or purchases.

Channel Payment Scam Modus Operandi

Scammers SMS you by impersonating reputable online shopping platforms with their logos to say you have won prizes or selected for giveaways to lure you to click-in the SMS. Some of the SMS also have a stipulated time for you to claim your prizes/giveaways. In other words, This is to hurry and rush you to claim your so-called prizes/giveaways. 

When you click on the SMS, you will get directed to a phishing website that requests your personal confidential information to claim your prizes/giveaways. Upon attaining your personal/banking/online shopping platform details, scammers will access your online shopping platforms for unauthorized transactions/purchases. 

Takeaway Points

1. DO NOT click on any SMS link. All prizes/giveaways of online shopping platforms will only communicate via online shopping platforms official channels. There was one Impersonated Huawei scam with New Year Gift. it links a phishing website to claim the gift.

2.Always Double Check if you have entered any online shopping platforms’ official channels’ prizes/giveaways campaigns. If not, how could you have won a prize/giveaways?

George Lo