Fake Seller Centre Scam, An Online Shopping Safety

Fake Seller Centre Scam

Fake Seller Centre Scam is a trick by sending you a message via social communication platforms, be aware. Claiming that they have discovered your store is selling a prohitbited product and you need to take off the product.(if you’re one of the online shopping platform).

Fake Seller Centre Scam – Modus Operandi

Scammer send a message via social communication platforms like Whatsapp displayed with online shopping platforms official logo’s and colours. This is to mislead you into thinking it is from the online shopping official business account.

The message is to demand you to delete/take off a specific product with the link of the product attached within certain time frame. However, the given link will redirect you on to a fake online shopping platform page.

For instance, once you’re in the landing page, you’ll needed to fill in the login details. After that, the login details will be recoreded to the scammers for their usage.

Therefore, with your account username and password filled up, scammer will hijack your account and gain access to it. As a result, all your sensitive information of personal/ banking/ seller account details for unauthorised tranactions/ instructions/ transfers.

Takeaway Points

  1. Online Shopping platforms ONLY contact seller/user via official channel Official Web Site or App notification.
  2. Always Access your seller centre on your online shopping platforms that you have been accessing and using.

George Lo