Online Shopping Safety – Account Stolen Scam

Account Stolen Scam

Account Stolen Scam is scammers who attempt to gain access/steal personal log-in details of your online shopping account details via phishing websites. This scam is very similar to Sponsored Post/Adv Scam.

Once scammers have hacked your computer or mobile device they can access your personal information, change your passwords, and restrict access to your system. They will use the information they obtain to commit fraudulent activities, such as identity theft or they could obtain direct access to your banking and credit card details.

Account Stolen Scam – Modus Operandi

Scammers use messages/social communication platforms with perceived attractive offers such as vouchers/gifts to lure you to click-in the phishing websites. Those phishing websites are devised as official online shopping platforms like Shopee, Lazada, eBay, or Amazon.

If the website prompts you to install any software related to promotions. The website claims that after installation, you will receive it to your account. Do note that it is simply Malware software. Malware will do the work for the scammer once you have installed it in your devices (Mobile/Computers).

These phishing websites require you to log-in with your personal account confidential information to be eligible/qualified for the attractive offers/promotions. Upon obtaining your personal/banking/online shopping platform details, scammers will access your online shopping platforms for unauthorized transactions/purchases/transfers.

As a result, most of the Malware have already infected in your devices and your identity, accounts, personal info’s already exposed to the

Takeaway Points

1. DO NOT click on any website link without double-check on your online shopping platform’s website or app for their vouchers/gifts/offers/promotions at that particular period.

2.Always Double Check any website link/URL with your online shopping platforms’ website’s address. If you not sure, do not click on it.

George Lo