Online Shopping Safety – Direct Payment Scam

otp payment scam

This week we will cover the 3rd part of the Payment Scam segment of our series Online Shopping Safety Forewarn namely Direct Payment Scam. 

Payment Scam is the 2nd Segment of the Online Shopping Safety Forewarn series. There are 5 segments all together namely:-

  1. Bank Detail Scam
  2. Payment Scam
  3. Account Stolen Scam
  4. Parcel Scam
  5. Fake Seller Centre Scam

The Payment Scam segment consists of 6 parts. The 6 parts are the following:-

  1. Sponsored Posts Scam
  2. Impersonated Channels Scam
  3. Direct Payment Scam
  4. Overpaid Refund Scam
  5. Bank Transfer Scam
  6. OTP Request Scam

The Direct Payment Scam is a scam that scammer posing as various online shopping platforms’ staff via Whatsapp/Line/Wechat to ask you to make a direct payment for a product/offer/deal/package.

Direct Payment Scam – Modus Operandi

The scammer message you via Whatsapp/Line/Wechat by posing with various online shopping platforms’ profile picture, logo, and their respective style. If you choose to respond to the message, the so-called staff will entice and explain to you that you are in an opportunity to purchase a special product/offer/deal/package. You need to make the direct payment fast as the opportunity is limited as a result for a selected few only.

From there on, the scammer will persistently follow up with you and pressure you to make the payment. The payment is to bank into the so-called online shopping platform’s alternative banking account. As soon as the payment is made/transferred the scammer will stop responding to any of your messages/calls.

Takeaway Points

1. DO NOT respond to any Whatsapp/Line/WeChat messages claiming to be from online shopping platforms. All online shopping platforms will only communicate via online shopping platforms’ official channels.

2. DO NOT be tempted to any product/offer/deal/package that is too good to be true. Our greed is always the pull by a scammer. DO DOUBLE CHECK the official online shopping platforms channels such as Website & Mobile Application.

George Lo