Package or Parcel Scam, an Online Shopping Safety

Package or Parcel Scam

Package or Parcel Scam is scammers who contact you to say you have an incoming or expected delivery. Some cases stating that you have won some prizes that need to be claimed/collected/picked up. 

Parcel Scam – Modus Operandi

Package or Parcel Scam modus operandi is by the scammers send messages via SMS/social communication platforms with a given link mimicking a parcel/package/prize of yours from online shopping platforms company still not yet been picked/claimed.

As you click the given link, the scammers claim they are the courier/forwarding company that is handling your unclaimed parcel/package/prize.

The scammers then will inform you that your parcel/package could not proceed to deliver to you due to certain reasons like shipping fees not paid, unpaid tax & insurance coverage not sufficient, etc.

The scammers would hurry you to pay the amount required as soon as possible before the parcel/package/prize won return back to the sender.

As soon as you have made the transaction, the scammers would cut the connections/calls and leave you hanging.

Takeaway Points

1. Online Shopping platforms ONLY reach out to you as their campaign prize winner through the official page or app notification.

2.Always Double Check on your online shopping platforms. In the app platform located under the “My Purchase” Tab or Tracking number for your parcel/package delivery status.

George Lo