Warrix Sports Chang Suek 2019 Jersey Fan Issue WA-19FT52M-DD


The Thai national team shirt 2019 grade REPLICA, the same look as the warlord Chang Suek wore on the field All materials are similar in quality to the uniforms for football players. But sold at half price, front design, WARRIX logo and Thai national team The shirt features a unique Melange print and stripe print. With a special weaving technique, beautiful on the fabric comes with technology at COMBALITE 5, making the fabric lightweight, comfortable, not hot, not damp, sweat absorption and good ventilation. Can be washed easily and dries quickly Suitable for exercising Or put in everyday life in all conditions

  • 100% Polyester
  • Thai national team screen logo and WARRIX
  • The fabric is light and comfortable.
  • Not hot, not damp
  • Good ventilation
  • Absorbs sweat well and dries quickly.
  • Washable, easy to care
  • Suitable for exercising Or put in daily life

Backorder Status

*For backorder items customer will be contacted with our personnel via WhatsApp & the arrival of the item at our store is estimated 2-3 weeks time due to the Covid-19 situation