Online Shopping Safety – Sponsor Post-Payment Scams

otp payment scam

Online Shopping Safety Forewarn –  Sponsor Post-Payment Scam is another scam we will look into this week

At the end of this week’s post, we hope you will know how to avoid and spotted them through this posting.

THE RED FLAG that will be highlighted in this series is the Sponsor Post or Ads that have been lurking on the internet.

The scammers will make posting/Ads via known Social media or any online platforms to tricking you into made payment inside their phishing page!

Sponsor Post-Payment Scam Intro

Payment Scam via sponsored posting is a scam of your personal data details by making you clicking-in the posts/Ads for making a purchase.

Meanwhile, the link given will always be directed to their phishing page for payment so be warned!

One of their main reasons is they need you to sign up to their phishing page and illegally collecting data and personals details inside the phishing page.

Usually, the catch for signing up (personal data) is to get the offers/promotions but instead, it is for their usage for collecting your data!

As a result, they will get your data so they can use it to make any unauthorized transactions or purchases via that data!

Sponsor Post-Payment Scam Modus Operandi

Firstly the scammers use sponsor posts/ads with attractive offers to lure you to click-in the posts/ads to create sponsor post scams.

Usually, these posts/ads are done using any official online platforms and disguise them as official posts from the respective platforms.

The post or ads is made flawlessly to trick you for promotions are eligible to those signed up with the forms via the links given for making payments.

Therefore you will be directed to a phishing website that requests signing up your personal confidential information.

As a result, tricking you into being eligible for the offers/promotions and needs you to make a subscription to get the rewards!

In the meantime, they already compiled your data for their usage in any future unauthorized transactions!

In other words, they already have the authority to use your data and disguise it as you based on the data!

Takeaway Points

  • TAKE NOTE of the particular posting URL’s directory, whether it’s an official page or not. For instance, HTTPS is a must!
  • Filling any online forms always didn’t request any bank details (passwords, ID numbers, etc) that are SOLELY ONLY PRIVATE TO YOU.
  • DO NOT fill in on any sponsored posts/ads forms yet without background double-checking.
  • for example, if one of your official banks/online shopping platforms is offering any promotions at that particular period, DOUBLE-CHECK IT THOROUGHLY.
  • Above all, it’s ALWAYS SAFE to check and stay alert on everything regarding payments by the internet.
  • If you’re not sure, do not click on it.
Best regards and stay safe,

George Lo

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