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Package or Parcel Scam, an Online Shopping Safety

Package or Parcel Scam

Package or Parcel Scam is scammers who contact you to say you have an incoming or expected delivery. Some cases stating that you have won some prizes that need to be claimed/collected/picked up.  Parcel Scam – Modus Operandi Package or Parcel Scam modus operandi is by the scammers send messages via SMS/social communication platforms with […]

Online Shopping Safety – Account Stolen Scam

Account Stolen Scam

Account Stolen Scam is scammers who attempt to gain access/steal personal log-in details of your online shopping account details via phishing websites. This scam is very similar to Sponsored Post/Adv Scam. Once scammers have hacked your computer or mobile device they can access your personal information, change your passwords, and restrict access to your system. They will […]

Online Shopping Safety – OTP Payment Scam

otp payment scam

OTP Payment Scam – Introduction OTP Payment Scam is a scam that scammer claims to be as one of your friends & family members or Banks, Bank Negara & Police Officers. They usually will contact via social communication platforms like Whatsapp/Line/Wechat to ask for your OTP (One-Time Password). Often we’ll receive OTP SMS when we make any transaction […]

Online Shopping Safety – Direct Payment Scam

otp payment scam

This week we will cover the 3rd part of the Payment Scam segment of our series Online Shopping Safety Forewarn namely Direct Payment Scam.  Payment Scam is the 2nd Segment of the Online Shopping Safety Forewarn series. There are 5 segments all together namely:- Bank Detail Scam Payment Scam Account Stolen Scam Parcel Scam Fake Seller […]

Online Shopping Safety – Channel Payment Scam

otp payment scam

Online Shopping Safety Forewarn –  Channel Payment Scam is another scam we will look into this week As we enter our 2nd MCO in Malaysia, we safely can say online shopping transactions will surely increase during this period. A survey recently finds among online shoppers, 35% of them only started shopping online after the 1st MCO began. This […]

Online Shopping Safety – Sponsor Post-Payment Scams

otp payment scam

Online Shopping Safety Forewarn –  Sponsor Post-Payment Scam is another scam we will look into this week At the end of this week’s post, we hope you will know how to avoid and spotted them through this posting. THE RED FLAG that will be highlighted in this series is the Sponsor Post or Ads that have been […]

Online Shopping Safety – Bank Details Scams

avoid bank detail scam

1st Segment – Bank Details Scam (how to avoid bank details scams) Bank Details Scams Intro Bank Details Scams is our series of Online Shopping Safety Forewarn, that we’ll look into it this week. Nowadays, personal private data such as our name, phone numbers, and emails are easily accessible in various manner. One of the […]


Online shopping safety tips forewarn

Online Shopping Safety Forewarn Introduction We Warrix desire you to have the best experience in your purchasing online & also you’d get the best experience in your selling (if you do selling also). Hoping you as a user/consumer will get a grasp of understanding of their operations briefly that you’ll not fall prey to any […]